Due diligence reports

In the world of international transactions it is all the more necessary to carry out due diligence reports. Our firm has the knowledge and ability to provide reports of a high standard according to the clients’ requests in order to assist providing a full picture of the Cyprus companies involved in the transactions.

Formal Legal Opinions on corporate issues

We provide formal legal opinions on corporate issues that require the comfort of such opinions in transactions after reviewing the relevant documentation and bringing to the attention of the parties any issues that arise.

Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring

We provide transaction support to our clients through drafting and reviewing transaction documents, assisting in any necessary due diligence, providing legal opinions and assisting in the closing procedures

  • Mergers: We can assist clients in the preparation stage of a merge and assist in seeing the merge through by drafting the merger plan and obtaining the necessary court order for the implementation.
  • Restructuring: In an ever-changing world, it is most appropriate to review structures. We have the team and associates that can give this advice.
  • Insolvency: Both Demetris Vakis and Melina Pyrgou are licensed insolvency practitioners and undertake insolvencies and other related procedures including examinerships.
  • Company registrations: Cyprus is an excellent jurisdiction for setting up a company and creating a regional office.  We are ready to assist you with the company set up and all the steps necessary to get started, including finding a suitable location and manpower.  Through our network we are able to assist you with registrations in other jurisdictions where you may decide to take your business.